My name is Luis Rodríguez and I was born in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. As a child, I grew up in the jungle and was always surrounded by nature. I learned to live and interact with wildlife by helping my parents in daily jungle survival activities.

Since then, I discovered my passion to preserve the impressive wildlife and a unique environment in the world of the Amazon. Years later, my family and I moved to the city of Iquitos to improve my education. I graduated from the School of Flora and Fauna, where I obtained the great teachings of biologists, naturalists, conservationists to expand my knowledge of the jungle. I have worked for more than 25 years as a Naturalist Guide in different tourism companies, conservation projects and as volunteer in the construction and organization of the peoples of the Amazon.

Naturally I share this passion with my son Allen Rodríguez. He fueled this passion and I am proud to say that he graduated from the most prestigious tourism school in Iquitos. Allen is the main expedition guide for Amazon Wonder Expeditions. His deep passion and understanding for all aspects of Amazon’s natural life has developed his goal of sharing his knowledge and passion with people around the world. Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful and unforgettable experience in the Amazon rainforest. We hope to share with you all the natural wealth of this impressive region. We hope that after your experience with Amazon Wonder Expeditions, you develop an appreciation for the wonders of Amazon and understand the importance of preserving its natural beauties.